The Basic Of Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering Survey Report

The Basic Of Civil Engineering

Before starting any construction work, first of all the cost of it is shown, how much will the cost of construction be the map material of construction and the rate of main power is calculated, it is called estimate.

The building is constructed to start the construction work and this time is presented to the nearest municipal department of your house and the time limit for welding is also included in it  The amount of the budget of the house is noted in the book value by the Municipal Corporation, after the expiry of the time limit of the house, 3 times the money is received by the Municipal Corporation.

Estimate for Excavation and Foundation

The first task of any project construction is the layout, after the layout, the work of digging the soil for the foundation is done, which calculation is done in the cute meter, after that the work of PCC is done after the foundation Delhi First meeting.  This is done by leaving 15 cm from the edge of the PCC, it is also calculated in cubic meters, in the same way, till the plains level.

This work is called sub structure work estimate for super structure.

First of all make columns and beams, why do they also measure in the middle and this is called such a thing.

Estimate the walls in cubic meters, in which window ventilation and minus the door and the total volume of the wall comes



Before doing any construction work, the land there is surveyed, what is the area like there?

Survey has a big role to play for road construction throughthe survey, we get to know that how is the work label in the area where it is to be built, how high is the work label and how low so that we can do the cutting and filling of the soil and all this survey is done by the toll machine.

Civil Engineering Survey Report 

Dumply Level 

By this machine, we can find out how high is the road and it is low.


Total Station 

With this machine, it becomes very easy for us to survey, it works digitally. The machine is capable of taking both vertical and horizontal levels and with this machine, far away points can be easily surveyed. This machine saves our time

Soil Mechanics 

Through this we get information about how soil is formed.

And how many types are there, information is also received.

How soil is Born

Due to the chemical and physical weathering of the rock, the breaking of the rock starts, by this large gravel and clay sand is born.

Test in Soil 

Through the test, we get information about the soil that this type of soil will be strong for our foundation.

How much moisture is there in the soil can also be obtained.


Plants have to take water as per their requirement, it is called irrigation.

Irrigation plays a big role in agriculture, it helps our crops to get good yields.

We can't grow any crop without irrigation

Irrigation can be done in two ways, by human and by natural, by natural it rains only at the time of innocent  then the plants will perish and our crops will not be

Irrigation can be done by government in artificial way, by flow irrigation, by lift irrigation

Through Flow Irrigation, we collect water by making rain water dams, with the help of canal water reaches the fields.

Let's it flow irrigation

In lift irrigation, we bring water to the fields with the help of turbine and tea can be made from it.


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