Best Free Online Course - Learn Marketing in Digital Era

Best Free Online Course
Best Free Online Course

All right in this digital era all industries or company are working digitally.

What is Digital?, Your smartphone, online shopping are digital, Even when you pay for your shopping, you do it digitally. Digital world are spreading worldwide at the movement, and it's user are also increasing day by day.
On the other hand, the need of the people in this digital era is also increasing in order to offer better services to the people who switch to digitization. In other contexts too, the number of jobs in this digital era is growing very rapidly.

And i guess if you guys familiar with digital marketing, I'm sure about it that you're not unemployed.

By the way,  you can easily learn digital marketing by sitting at home with the help of Google or YouTube, although it may take time for many people or they may find this method difficult (Personally I have learned Digital Marketing in this way from youTube and Google only).

Another way to learn digital marketing is to take a digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing course online free with CERTIFICATE 

Nowadays we see advertisement everywhere in our phones or any websites are visible everywhere on social media applications are visible, online shopping sites are ads are visible we enhance all these things together digitally. And that is Marketing and those who manage them, we call them Digital Marketers.

If we say "Digital Marketing Course" in simple;

Digital Marketing Course is a course in which We're taught to do marketing through digital medium (eg, placing ads, showing website up in Google (website ranking SEO), selling digital products online) any more.

Why Digital Marketing course is Important?

Once a popular India's well-known Motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari was asked in his seminars that if he was of 20 years of age this year (i.e in 2021), which one professional skill he would Definitely Learn?

Motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari answer was (by the way, you must have guessed it) that he would learn Digital Marketing.

Motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari has called this skill one of the most brilliant skills of the modern digital era. And the best part is that learning it is not rocket science. Anyone who has a basic understanding of computer can learn it.

Type of Digital Marketing Course

Type of Digital Marketing Course 

We know that guys everything has a reason to be and it's variants also so similarly digital marketing also have there variants (types).

It's type be - Free Courses & Paid Course 

Despite this it has two important type :-
  1. Complete (Standard)
  2. Specialized
But what it means, let's digg in deeply about this important type of courses.

Standard Course

In this course basically you know and learn about digital marketing, Topics and it's terms for entrance:- 
  1. SEO
  2. SMM 
  3. PPC 
  4. Content Marketing
Ony it's disadvantages is that in this course you'll not get Benifits of SEO and SMM technic, other PCC and content marketing is worth in this course, this is why it know as complete marketing course.

This type of courses is worth for beginners, so that they can deeply know about how digital marketing work.


Specialized Courses

This is the exact opposite of the standard, as it is focusing on a particular syllabus in spite of covering the entire syllabus.

Means - Teaching a particular subject and make you in expert for entrance :-

  • SEO Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course
It is considered Best for Experience people| Or those who have to become experts (Master) in a particular subject.

Finally today we learn basic about Digital Marketing, Hope you guys like this article if so please let me know in comment box.

Thanks you !!

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